★★ Poczytaj po angielsku co Apple zaprezentowało na ostatniej konferencji, poznaj kilka nowych słówek i sprawdź czy znasz te słówka, o które pytamy.

Czy to już czas by wymienić starego iPhone’a 5S albo kupić tańszy Apple Watch?

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Przeczytaj tekst i uzupełnij luki słowami z tabeli. Czy znasz słówka, które pogrubiliśmy? Klikając na nie dwukrotnie zobaczysz ich znaczenie w prawym dolnym rogu ekranu.
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iPhone SE Apple isn't abandoning small iPhones just yet. The company just debuted the iPhone SE, a new 4-inch device with a design that largely the iPhone 5S.

Though the iPhone SE looks like the iPhone 5S, its internals have been completely overhauled to keep up with -day performance.

The iPhone SE is in two capacities: 16GB and 64GB.

Apple also says it has the phone's battery life.

iPad Pro The iPhone isn't Apple's only gadget getting a reduced-size makeover. The new iPad Pro also marks the first time Apple's tablet will be available in rose gold. The will have a new True Tone display which uses ambient light sensors to automatically adapt the color of the display to the surrounding lighting.

Apple Watch The new price of the entry-level Apple Watch is a more $299, down $50. Sure, that's not a huge drop, but by Apple standards the price decrease is significant. And while we still don't know just how well or poorly the Apple Watch did in terms of sales, with the new pricing, the company is likely hoping to drive more sales for its first and only wearable product.