Kupił raz i koniec, nawrzucał do koszyka i ślad po nim zaginął. Jeden e-mail może wystarczyć by odzyskać klientów, z którymi utraciliśmy kontakt.  Webinar Wolves Summit, który prowadziła Kristina Pototskaya z TriggMine kompletnie zmienił moje podejście do e-maili. Chciałbym się z wami podzielić wiedzą jak zorganizować mailing, newsletter i nagłówki wiadomości, oczywiście po Angielsku.

Registered, but inactive. How to wake up your  customers? This question bothers many online businesses who discover that many clients bought something once and never returned, had items in cart but never went to checkout. It is estimated that the ‘abandoned cart’ problem was worth $4 bln in 2014.

Fortunately, Kristina Pototskaya from TriggMine has answers to all these issues. People often stop shopping simply because something interrupted them, they were discouraged by high delivery prices or other charges. Regardless of reasons, mailing a visitor within up to 23h after he left with simple ‘Hey, how can we help you’ can really help to bring him back. The E-mail address matters as well. Remember to keep it both, personal and professional: name@company.com works best.

The time span when a customer didn’t interact with your website determines the form of mailing headlines and content. Tell your customer that ‘we miss you’ and offer small discounts if they are absent up to 180 days. The amount of price reduction should rise along with the absence. It is also vital to know that sometimes gifts are more welcomed than discounts. One significant change in the e-mail headline can triple the opening rate up to. Try adding customer’s name in the message title and see the results yourself.

This is just a fraction of possibilities how to reconnect with Churning Customers. The unquestionable advantage of e-mail is that it is free to use and relatively easy to implement. Winning your churning customer back is all about restoring a bond and showing that he or she is important, we should never forget about that.

That was just a brief overview, complete the test to unlock the link to full webinar 🙂

1. Churning Customer is the one who:

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2. ABANDONED means:

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3. Words similar to DETERMINE

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4. FRACTION means:

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5. In some cases gifts are better than discounts.

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