Rozwijamy angielskie słownictwo w oparciu o najnowszy test. Tym razem wybraliśmy słówka biznesowe jak i przydatne synonimy.
Business English Vocabulary test 3 to materiał z naszych wrześniowych postów. Do dzieła, na pewno dacie radę!

1. Which word fits best?
The conference took place, ____________ of the absence of key partners.
2. The place where you pay for your shopping is a definition of:
3. Bring something back to a previous condition:
4. What is an another word for important?
5. Enable is similar in meaning to:
6. Which word fits best in this sentence?

We have _____________ with best engineers to create the best possible device.
7. Relatively is similar in meaning to:
8. Which word fits best?
Our new advertising strategy is going to be _____________ by the end of this month