Zebraliśmy angielski biznesowy z lipcowych postów by opracować test na słówka – Business English Vocabulary.

Oto wybrane przez nas słownictwo w formie ćwiczenia business english online, zadanie na definicje, powodzenia!

Yes, we know that we are in the middle of the holiday season. Anyway, this is our first Business English vocabulary list from words which appeared in our posts in July. Complete the test by selecting the right answer.

1. ‘A sudden large increase, typically a temporary one’ is a definition of:

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2. To make a film, recording, or other product available to the public is:

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3. 'Trigger' is similar in meaning to:

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4. The definition of 'dividend' is:

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5. The word opposite in meaning to ‘correlate’ is:

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6. The word similar to ‘invaluable’ is:

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7. When you are supported to do things you feel:

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8. 'The action of breaking the terms of law, agreement etc. ' is a definition of:

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