Jak poradziłam sobie z obsługą klienta po angielsku w call center.

Atmosfera podwyższonego ciśnienia w związku z zaległymi płatnościami, awariami i niedostępnością usług w jednej chwili sprowadza rozmowę klienta z konsultantem na bardzo nieprzyjazne tory. Do tego jeszcze angielski. Jak znaleźć odpowiednie słowa? Jak poradzić sobie po angielsku z trudnym klientem by nie zwariować? Na szczęście, udało mi się to rozwiązać.

Pod tekstem znajdziecie zadanie na angielskie frazy do obsługi klienta.

Call Center English – the ultimate guide

The most essential part of my job is to bring satisfactory solutions each and every time. There is no such thing as an unsolvable issue.

Let me introduce few tricks that I find really helpful in dealing with frustrated customers. They can work wonders and as soon as you use on a daily basis you’ll feel a huge stress relief.

  • Listen carefully. I give my callers time to confess what they had to go through to end up with me. They can just talk, talk, talk and even sigh or swear as long as they do not offend me.
  • Positive language. I try my best to only use expressions that give customers a clear picture that there is always a way out.
  • Paraphrase. It seems that sometimes both me and a caller need a moment to take a deep breath. As soon as I take notes and repeat the main source of difficulties the person is experiencing, they have an impression that I am really there for them.
  • Focus. I am concentrated on my job each time I answer the phone. There’s not a second to be spent on browsing the Internet or catching up on office gossip. I am pretty meticulous and always ask to repeat if I don’t get something.
  • Don’t use the hold button if unnecessary. Some customers are just scared to death when they hear they will spend some time on hold. They think that you just want to laugh at them or make some brutal comments about their lack of knowledge. Oh well, this magic button can help you to get calm, but it is mostly in use when you need some confirmation from your helpdesk.

Allright, now you know the guidelines so let’s concentrate on Vocabulary.

Angielski online z kontem użytkownika – zobacz ile za darmo możesz się z nami nauczyć.

Angielski w call center – przydatne zwroty. Dopasuj do siebie (przeciągnij i upuść) części zdań.

1. Match (Drag and drop) sentence beginnings with endings.
is upgrading your profile.
to what you had before.
is to restart your computer.
I would recommend to save all settings.
if you have further questions.
All you need to do is just to
To avoid a similar inconvenience in the future,
What I will do to fix this right now
I will be more than happy to assist you
This is a superb alternative