Co technologiczni geniusze, tacy jak Jobs, Musk czy Gates, osiągnęli do 25 roku życia? Ten tekst po angielsku, bogaty w idiomy, opowiada o przeszłości kilku pionierów, którzy w niewyobrażalny sposób przyczynili się do rozwoju współczesnej technologii.

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Numerous famous tech giants have brought their dreams to reality at a very young age. Let’s see what the biggest IT brains had achieved until their 25th birthday.

How to transform a small firm into a colossal behemoth? Ask Bill Gates. He was only 20 when he founded Microsoft after dropping out of college. Subsequently, at 25, Gates stroke a groundbreaking deal with IBM. Microsoft was obliged to provide an operating system and Gates with his team managed to deliver the product successfully.

When Steve Jobs hit 25 years old he had already founded Apple Computers. In December 1980 Apple went public and made a killing by selling 4.6 million shares at 22$ for each. This event generated more capital than any IPO since Ford Motors Company in 1956. Jobs was only 25 when he became a millionaire.

Mark Zuckerberg had been working on Facebook for few years before his 25 birthday. In 2009 his own “child” gave him a present – 300 million users. The following year he became the second-youngest “Person of the Year” by Time magazine.

Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla and Space-X jumped on the dot-com bandwagon at the age of 25 launching his first Internet company – Zip2. It was a platform where newspapers such as New York Times could offer their customers some extra commercial services. In 1999 the platform was bought by Compaq for 307$ million. Musk used this cash to fund online financial services company called X.com which had finally evolved into Paypal.

A stroke of luck? Being in the right place in the right time? One thing is certain: their incredible mode of thinking as entrepreneurs bore a fruit. Nothing succeeds like success!

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1. How did Musk use cash from selling his company?
2. IPO - Initial Public Offering is:
3. "Jump onto bandwagon" means:
4. What does "Nothing succeeds like success" mean?
5. Synonym of behemoth is:
6. What does "make a killing" mean?