Przekopałem się przez amerykańskie media żeby dowiedzieć się, które reklamy z Super Bowl zrobiły najwięcej szumu. Zaskakujące jest to, że niektóre nich przez jednych uznawane są za genialne, a przez drugich za absolutne dno. Ciekawie po angielsku – zobaczmy te reklamy i poćwiczmy różne słówka.

The conclusion after Super Bowl 2016 is as follows:

A successful TV ad must be supported by preceding social media actions and be spread further with hashtags after broadcasting.

HEJ! Mając konto użytkownika możesz sprawdzić historię  zadań i liczbę punktów zdobytych na różnych poziomach.


Before we start. Just guess. We will give you the answer at the end of the quiz.

What is the price of a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl?

5. HONDA RIDGELINE: a classic recipe for commercial success

Yahoo Sports
It’s kind of impossible to go wrong with Queen. Play “Somebody to Love” and slap on any logo for any product on Earth, BOOM YOU GOT A COMMERCIAL. Plus, singing sheep!


What does 'recipe' mean?

4. Beyonce / Red Lobster combo

That unplanned action created a lot of buzz in the media. Red Lobster (a restaurant chain) didn’t pay anything to get that boost in sale. This is unexpected result of Beyonce’s concert during Super Bowl break. Watch the video to see what actually happened.


How Beyonce helped Red Lobster?

3. TOYOTA PRIUS - mixed feelings

Fortune Magazine
Toyota’s nails it with bank robbers. The spot was playful and engaging. The spot held the viewer’s attention for over a minute and landed Toyota as the top brand in our review.

Wired Magazine:
Worst Allusion to Pussy Riot to Sell a Car: Toyota

TIME Magazine
I’m all for Toyota showing us how great their car is, but why provide reminder of all the negative Prius associations first.


What does "to nail it" mean??

2. DORITOS CHIPS - the controversial one

Rollingstone: a miss
This ad was apparently the winner of Doritos' annual Super Bowl commercial contest, which begs the question: How bad was the one that came in second?

Fortune Magazine: a hit
The first spot emphasized the desirability of the chip by showing an in utero baby react to it and then deciding it was time to be born. The story showcased the brand and the benefit — two critical elements for what makes an ad work.


a strong feeling that you want something
this is the definition of:

1. MOUNTAIN DEW #PuppyMonkeyBaby

The hashtag has stormed through Twitter. This is the most commented advert of the Super Bowl 2016. Ask yourself, why?

There's good weird, and there's bad weird – and this monstrosity definitely falls in the latter category.

The Guardian
Mountain Dew’s Kickstart campaign to combine three of the most ubiquitous elements in Super Bowl advertising: puppies, monkeys, and babies.


Match the definitions of words in bold? (drag and drop)
second, happening later, or closer to the end
present, appearing, or found everywhere
latter =
ubiquitous =