W ostatnim poście podajemy kilka rad, które zdecydowanie pomogą wam w zarządzaniu czasem:

The ultimate hints. 

Mamy nadzieję, że cały cykl Life Hacking with Marcin Kosedowski spodobał się wam. Trzymamy za was kciuki w zarządzaniu czasem i w nauce angielskiego!

Take care of your home chores
Chores take up to 3 hours of my day e.g. taking a shower, eating dinner, cleaning the table, fixing the coffee maker. Unfortunately, saving anything here is difficult because you have to do all those things (no one can take a shower or go to the hairdresser for you). To save time I try to do the shopping with delivery from Tesco. I guess I save around 10 minutes a day that way.
I also don’t waste time for significant home repairs. For instance two plumbers have been repairing pipes in my kitchen for 1,5 hour.

The most efficient way to save time on moving around the city is… not moving around. 😉 Why bother going to the bank if you can do an online transfer?
Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Although I work from home, commuting takes 1,5 hour a day, including 23 minutes of walking. In my opinion, it’s worth to adjust the place you live to where you work. I save 10 minutes everyday which gives 6 hours a month. However, if you need 30 minutes to get to work, think about it. It’s 40 hours a month! I consciously choose to use public transportation. It takes me 20 minutes to reach my office on foot or by tram. It’s 5 minutes by car plus couple of minutes to park. I would have saved over 10 minutes a day. However, going by tram I can rest or do some reading at the same time.

Meet or call me instead of chatting with me
Communiactors drive me mad. I spend half an hour on Facebook chat and I still try to remind my friends that instead of writing ‘are you there?’, they should just write what’s the matter and i’ll reply to them when I have the time. And if you just want to talk, call me or let’s met in person. It’s quicker and more pleasant.
I don’t waste much time for e-mails. I got rid of newsletters. (I recommend Unroll Me) and I set strong filters for the rest. That way, I see several messages of 200-300 I get everyday.
I’m hoping to reduce FB chat to 15 minutes and substitute post with courier which will save me 19 minutes. Other activities are OK.

Check out your knowledge!

1. 1.  Public transportation is a waste of time.

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2. 2. It is worth considering to move in order to live closer to work.

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3. 3. The author prefers to be called than met in person.

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4. 4. Home chores are:

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5. 5. ‘Consciuosly’ is opposite to:

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